Monday, August 27, 2012

Carnaval, Carnaval

Este año me dije que lo veia sin empujones, sali hora y media antes que comenzara y me coloque en la primera esquina. No lo vi completo pero no me perdi mis favoritos : London School of Samba y  Paraiso School of Samba .

This year I decided to get a good viewing spot and left early. I managed to  watch it from the first corner of the itinerary. I didn't see it complete but managed to see my favorites, the London School of Samba and Paraiso School of Samba.
Los colores resaltaban mucho con el transfondo gris del cielo.
A grey and wet sky made the colours even more vibrant.
Samba, samba
No todo el baile era samba
Not all dancing was samba

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Heldasland said...

wow they look so beautiful,hope you are well