Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ganchilleando con trapillo - Crocheting with t-shirt yarn

Probando nuevos materiales y aprendiendo nuevos puntos y tecnicas. El punto bajo centrado (enlace a video) que he usado en estas cestas es muy versatil, facilita el diseno pudiendo usar graficos de punto de cruz con la tecnica del ganchillo tapiceria o jacquard.
Trying new materials, stitches and techniques. Enjoying how quick the work progresses with t-shirt yarn also known as spaghetty yarn. This one is from Tiger and is very reasonably priced with plenty of stores nearby, a drawback is color availability which can be quite unpredictable. I learnt  crochet knit stitch/waistcoat stitch which is very versatile, it adapts itself very easily to tapestry/jacquard crochet designs.

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