Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Portalibros - Book Carrier

Me gusta el Furoshiki desde hace mucho tiempo. La idea de darle otro uso a las cosas era algo natural para nuestros abuelos algo que en la sociedad consumista en que vivimos parece haberse perdido. Basta un poco de habilidad para darle otro uso a un trozo de tela, en este caso hacernos una bolsa para llevar libros .

I like the funtionality and ingenuity of Furoshiki, the japanese art of wrapping things on cloth. There is a such a feeling of accomplishment in using something for a different purpose than it was originally made for. This book carrier is a beauty in its simplicity.


Isthar said...

Para llevar o como forma de envolver un regalo.

Heldasland said...

HEllo Maya,
Hope you are well.Thanks for your suggestions I completely forgot about valerian.I will definately give that a go. i wish I had read your blog yesterday I just gave away heaps of material.silly me I could have wrapped christmas gifts with them.